Compassionately Centered on Community, Collaboration and Connection

Our Mission:
Innovatively advancing mental wellness for everyone.

We strive to advance mental wellness through the engagement of diverse stakeholders to collectively solve complex challenges.

We center on:

  • Collaboration: We believe that all challenges can be solved when the right people are sitting at the table
  • Individuality:  We believe that mental wellness cannot be addressed in the same way for every person. We honor the diversity and experiences of all people
  • Impact: We believe that mental wellness should be addressed at the individual, organizational, community and global level
  • Innovation: we believe that addressing the ever-changing needs for mental wellness requires innovative ways of thinking and acting
  • Connection: We believe that mental wellness comes from support, community and a sense of belonging created through the collective process
What We Do:

Collectively strives to address mental wellness through three core pillars. We use a variety of approaches to create change including the collective process of a community of support, capacity building and the development and expansion of social capital.

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Community of Support

Finding common ground, collaboration and support create success in a complex world. Collectively provides a platform to address mental health and wellness through shared wisdom, individual growth, connection with others and accountability. A community of support provides an opportunity for likeminded individuals will work together to solve complex challenges and achieve common goals to address mental wellness.

Collectively GSD

is a Community of Support Women’s affinity group for business owners to provide support and accountability towards personal and professional goal attainment.

Capacity Building

Collectively works with individuals, organizations, systems and communities to address complex challenges. Capacity building includes training, coaching and technical assistance. Capacity building incorporates the development of socially responsible leaders while co-creating organizational culture with an emphasis the development of mental wellness for employees and customers.

Capital Growth

Communities often struggle to address their needs due to the lack of access to financial and social capital. Addressing social capital at the individual, organizational and community level creates an opportunity to bring all stakeholders to the table to collectively solve challenges. Collectively strives to build a bridge between the public and private sector and co-create sustainable solutions to address community needs.

Examples of current initiatives:

Community of Support

Collectively GSD is a Women’s affinity group for business owners to provide support and accountability towards personal and professional goal attainment.

Capacity Building

Principles 3.0 is a team-based initiative provided in Palm Beach County Public Schools that is designed to assist school-based professionals with support to work together as a team to address the mental health conditions of school aged children.

Capital Growth

Peace, Love Wraparound- A Social Capital Fund was created to address the need for financial access to social support resources for children with complex mental health conditions.

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