Social Capital

What is Social Capital?

One of the three pillars of Collectively is a focus on Capital Growth. When seeking sustainable change this growth can be evidenced through increased Social Capital. Social capital involves the effective functioning of social groups through interpersonal relationships, a shared sense of identity, a shared understanding, shared norms, shared values, trust, cooperation, and reciprocity.


For the purposes of Collectively, Social Capital is defined as access to human, social and financial resources and networks. Access to these networks provides a framework for bringing people together, bridging needs, bonding for support and achieving reciprocal benefit.


For individuals, social capital determines how effectively one can get their needs met. For groups and organizations, social capital is vital for efficiency, cooperation and innovation.


Collectively strives to advance mental wellness through creating a bridge to expand social capital. For some, Social Capital is needed to address their needs while for others they have social capital to share for the greater good. Collectively will provide the venue to connect the two.


Real World Practice

Social Capital Fund- Peace, Love & Wraparound-A Social Capital Fund is a fund designed to help children with mental health conditions find a support system. Based on their cultural beliefs, some families prefer having their mental health needs met through a support system of family, friends, and people from their wider community. Children with mental health conditions want nothing more than to have experiences like other children but often do not have the funding to participate. The Peace, Love & Wraparound - A Social Capital Fund helps provide these children with access to opportunities to support their needs. Research shows that access to support systems produces better mental health outcomes. This is a fund of Side Project that is managed through Collectively.

Social Capital Funds

Mini Grant Opportunities

Collectively offers mini-grant opportunities annually to advance mental wellness in low socio-economic communities. Stay tuned for the upcoming grant cycle.

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