Peace, Love & Wraparound
A Social Capital Fund

Peace, Love & Wraparound is a fund to help children with mental health conditions find a support system beyond traditional social, medical, and therapeutical strategies. Based on their cultural beliefs, some families prefer having their mental health needs met through a support system of family, friends, and people from their wider community.


Children with mental health conditions want nothing more than to have experiences like other children but often do not have the funding to participate.


The Peace, Love & Wraparound – a Social Capital Fund helps provide these children and their families with access to opportunities we often take for granted. Research shows that access to support systems produces better mental health outcomes.

What is a Wraparound Plan?

Wraparound is a proven service delivery strategy that differs from others by providing a comprehensive, holistic, youth, and family-driven way of responding to mental health or behavioral challenges. Wraparound puts the child or youth and family at the center of the process.


Children help design a Wraparound plan that reflects their ideas and objectives about what service and support strategies are most likely to help them reach their goals.

Wraparound programs keep children in their communities with better outcomes at a lower cost.

How Does My Donation Help?

Your donation will help a child build long-term relationships with friends and family, which research shows provide better mental health outcomes.

All activities will be applied for by a case manager. The Peace, Love & Wraparound Social Fund Committee will award the funds based on the overall wraparound plan designed with the child. The goal is to create support so the youth can have a better life.

You Can Help


Mya, a ten-year-old girl, loves art and wants to take an art class at her local community center, but she does not have the necessary art supplies. If Mya had the money for art classes or supplies, she could attend classes and meet other children with similar interests.

Alex, a teenage boy, wants to play football at school, but the requirement is to pay $150 for a football uniform. If Alex had the money for the football uniform, he could participate in after-school activities, get physically active, spend time with other boys his age, and develop healthy habits.

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